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I am trying to log into the website but all of the pages are red that I want to access and the page says "access denied?"

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2014 12:08PM CDT

1) You must set up your website access to access the website - there is a link on the home page
2) You will then WAIT for an email from us that says you are approved (this is a manual process and we do eat, play with our grandchildren etc.).  Our goal is to get you up ASAP but it could be several hours. You will receive a 1 time temporary password that lets you enter the site.  You will be prompted to change the password.   
3) Once approved and you follow the above instructions, the RED LINKS on the website that disallow you from those areas will be removed and you can log into the site. You will have full access to the areas that you are entitled to based on your current level of participation.  Remember, not all areas are available to you depending on what level of trader you are and what level you have qualified for.

  • Demo Traders login: Access to the Live Training room each day (NY Session).
  • Live Room Recap - a daily 10 minute video of what to look for in later sessions. Access is only for LIVE ROOM SUBSCRIBERS.
  • Demo Traders Tutorials: You must have downloaded a demo to gain access here
  • Chart Subscribers: Advanced videos for subscribers
  • Endeavor traders:  Advanced traders private lessons (recorded live)

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