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My charts say locked -what gives?

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2014 12:08PM CDT

Yes the charts are locked as the normal state to simply show that our intellectual property is being protected and that you cannot add your own indicators to the charts with our templates on them.  I show that you are currently connected to the server.  You should have candles and everything you need to start to learn.  Going to the ProAct website and starting to learn will help you.
In Case you missed it ...
It would explain "locked charts”  or what to do if you get the “Charts are locked you cannot work with them”
Also remember YOU, YOU , YOU set up your website access and then we approve you!  If you have not done that - you will need to.
Also since you missed a few things watching the video, remember that you must test your browser BEFORE accessing the room ( firewalls can stop it or your Java is not current).  Do so by re-watching the video and dotting a few i's and crossing a few t's.
We are not trying to make this hard but we use three different technologies to accomplish all of this which means that you must follow the protocol for each technology.  Sort of like your email is different than Microsoft word.

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