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Sometimes I see a different price on the charts vs. the Brokers Station - what gives?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2016 01:47PM CST
When we have times of LOW liquidity, the Brokers feed can be different then the feed we use - Not 100 pips but a few. That is why there can never be exact pricing on our charts vs. broker. Brokers sell your order to the highest bidder so it could be UBC now and Bank of America in 5 minutes. You are seeing those bankers quotes on a broker station, while our charts are an aggregate of multiple banks making up the feed. In other words our chart feeds are an aggregate of all Banks while each broker is selling your trade to a specific bank at that given time so the price can vary based on the bankers feed who has the volume at the broker now - especially during low and high liquidity periods. Additionally if your internet speed is slower, it slows down the feed of the candle build. - usually it is not to much but for example a person on a satellite dish could get a different price then a person on high speed T1 lines.

If you are looking at the 240 Royal Flush Page - those are Heiken Aishi candles and the price on those are NEVER real since it is designed to give a range.

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