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I can't seem to run the tutorials on my computer?

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2014 12:13PM CDT
If they won't stream then it is something that you have set up on your PC:

Sometimes just running them in a different browser will let them run.
Not sure what could be wrong either but definitely on your side as we can all view.  The Videos are created to run in ANY browser that is Windows Based.  They are Windows Media Files (99.9% of all PC’s already have this installed) and set to play in Windows Media Player.  Sometimes people change the default player to real player or something else and so therefore you have told your PC to NOT play it.  So first thing to check is that.  Next thing is your firewall.  Videos are streaming into your PC and firewalls can think they are a virus trying to get in.  Shut your firewall off and try to run them and if they run you have found your problem. 
Sometimes you have to turn on ACTIVE X
2)Sometimes you have to go into your settings and tell  your PC to associate MP4 files with your Flash player ( it is part of every browser).  Most likely you turned it off at some point and now need to turn it back on.  All of the above you can Google to get specific instructions on how to do it.
If you have trouble playing it (other than buffering issues) or ANY other videos on our website it is usually confined to your PC (firewalls etc.).  Here are the work arounds if that happens:
Step 1: Right click on the video and copy the link and then paste into browser
(Example :
Lastly,  you can download this open source free viewer that I use from time to time and try opening the video with this.

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