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What’s the basic premise you use to trade and are depicted in the PA Charts to maximize gains and minimize losses?

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2014 12:28PM CDT
While no trading system can guarantee 100% success, this is the closest we’ve found. After years of searching we found a way to measure MOMENTUM – the pulses in the market that indicate the Big Boys are entering. A simple confirmation process of using the correct trade setup for where you are in the move gives us a unique edge in the market …and you need an edge!  We only look for trades with REALISTIC targets by using a combination of established Technical Analysis techniques (support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, trend lines etc.) and then using our proprietary HSI Tool we find the targets and take only those trade setups that have at least a 1:1 risk for reward.  

A trade Setup is 

We only trade in the WOS ( Wide Open Spaces) so a trader has to look first for what is the structure of the current market,, where is the opportunity and what are the barreirs to that opportunity,

This requires work!  You must identify the wide open spaces by finding all the places in the charts where you cannot trade ( barreirs) and this by default leaves nothing but the areas you can put on a trade.  Once that area is defined the decision to take a trade ( alwasys ONLY WITH THE DOMINANT TREND) is determined by a minimum of a 1:1 rward to risk ratio.

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