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How do I learn this system?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2016 01:52PM CST

We use the tried and true concepts of technical analysis and then trade only in the areas where there is lots of room to a target.  Taking an RF1010 setup is the LAST part of the process to enter a trade.  Essentially the RF1010 is a setup that indicates whether there is enough momentum to make it to the target.  A wide open space means that the Big Boys are interested in the same target.

We are NOT indicator junkies so even though we stress learning the RF1010 in the beginning of your journey with us, it is not the real reason we are taking the trade setup. We are taking the trade setup because it is proving what we already know.

Here is a 10 minute video in how to learn the system:


No Cost  resources on the site are:

Why our tools will propel your understanding of the targets

Beginners classes

Archives of all the live sessions ( lots of training is done in the Live room session)

 A 32 page eBook to read

Once a person subscribes there are 150 more videos that you can access including a special 10 lesson study

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