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How is your record counted?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2016 01:19PM CST
If it is a session recap – where we discussed the Trade opportunity, if it is a live trade in the room or it is a Info Center alert we count them.  The record is the cross section of what traders took since we may discuss 15 trade opportunities and 20 traders may take 3 of them another 20 may take a different 3 of them and so on. That means that the record is what traders took, but not what an individual trader would have taken since they cannot trade them all, cannot stay up 24 hours a day and can never risk that much of a margin account.  Additionally, the spreads are all different since we probably have over 50 different Brokers represented in the room - like today where one trader’s broker was quoting 40 pips spread and another was 1.8 pips. The trader with the 40 pips spread could not have taken the Trade at all, while the other could.
We also have traders who made a mistake and lost or moved their stop to quick and broke even and others did not and got 80 pips.  That is why we try and take only the conservative average.  Even if a trader or two lost ( due to inexperience, or something else) and 30 traders took it the loss would actually help bring the average of the winning trades down.

Here is a live video in the room showing how results are tabulated Click Here
Hope that covers it.

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