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Audio Video Sync Issues

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2014 12:26PM CDT
The audio/video sync issues occur if there are problems with your internet connection, problems with system resources or problems with the browser itself.

1. Please make sure the internet connection is hardwired and unified connection with adequate bandwidth of 1mbps UP/Down.
2. Web browser should allow the activities of Flash Player and the network should not block any ports (ports: 1935 - for RTMP, and 443 which is SSL). Internet Security suites also monitor and filter certain activities, you can try disabling them.
3. By clearing the web browser cache and flash player cookies, you can improve the quality and prevent any issues.
Please find the instructions below:
- Clear the Web Browser cache:
- Clear the Flash Player:
4. Update the flash player :
5. If your CPU usage is very high you may experience audio/video sync issues. You may need to check your CPU usage and close out any unnecessary programs that are running in the background.
6. Try disabling Flash's hardware acceleration.
- Right click inside the conference room (or recast play window or any youtube video), select settings and uncheck the "Enable Hardware Acceleration" checkbox (refer to attached image). Close the dialog and restart your browser.
7. Try with different alternate web browsers ( Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox).


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