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I'm struggling - can you find a trader to help me?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2016 01:53PM CST
We can put an email out to our traders-but I do not recommend it.  Cross pollination usually creates more confusion not clarity.  Most traders who struggle are:
  • Not journaling all their trades
  • Over trading
  • Not willing to wait for the Wide Open Space
  • Not willing to adhere to strict margin management rules (2:1, 3:1 R/R ratio and max 2% ( when struggling it is 1% at risk)
  • Not paper trading - Not spending 3 hours for every 1 hour you are live trading
  • They “think” ( I think it's going up instead of the chart says it is going up)
  • They click out too soon
  • They don’t “know their currency” so panic on pullbacks and retracements
Are you doing the above?
A person who is seeing success is concentrating on making that permanent and usually not willing to deter from that and help another trader at this stage in their own journey.  Traders who are willing to do this (who are not already trading buddies with another trading partner) are usually facing their own inner struggles and hope that another trader (you) will help them get out of their own slump.

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