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Why can't I have more then 10 days with the charts?

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2014 12:22PM CDT
Well first we are glad you want more time!  But....While the demo is free to you - it is NOT FREE TO US.  We pay for the datafeed for you to have candles on the charts and even though you are not paying for it - we are.  So logically, we must limit that cost since we have lots of demo traders who are not looking for a system and profitable way to trade, they are looking for a quick way to learn to trade and be a zillionaire in three weeks.


But if you are serious, on your 9th day you will get a ONE TIME oppoprtunity to extend the demo IF you will pay only for the data feed since you will now be using the charts for a full month. You simply opt to accept that minimal cost and you can add two more weeks.

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