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I am not getting the Alerts to my Cell phone or email?

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2016 12:51PM CDT
One of two things may be happening:

You did not set up the Info Center to receive them ( you set the Info center up for that).  Instructions to do so are on this page of the website

You must close the Info Center down each day and restart it so it checks in with the server for any new information.

If you have installed correctly then the other possibility is that you have inadvertently unchecked the alerts inside the info Center.

Also when you want to shut down the Info Center make sure you have told it what you want to do with any alerts that arrive after you have shut it off.

And remember you can always retrieve them manually by checking the server yourself by clicking the Previous IC Alerts button shown above.


Here is a site with the providors suffix:

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