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What are Session recaps?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2016 01:55PM CST
Q. I continue to be impressed as I have downloaded your spreadsheets. I have noticed in your comment area for each trade that the term "session recap" is used---what does that mean? I have a full time job so I would not be able to follow along in the trading room---is there a way swing trade or position trade your strategy in the evening when i am home from work?

A. At the end of each NY session we post a private 15 minute video ( Session Recap) where we discuss the trades we were looking for in NY and why,  and then what to do if they happen in a later session.  Traders who are Live Room Subscribers have access to this as part of that subscription level and they have private access to it.  These are NOT TRADE SIGNALS - they are only a heads up in a specific area.  They are sent out 4-13 hours before the market may move and anything can happen in that time.

IF they were discussed and part of that recording and at least 3 traders took the trade then we average their pip capture and count it as only 1 trade.  We do not count multiple trades since most of our advanced Fast Track traders are making 2-5 entries on each trade ( 1 trade- mutiple entries).

Here's a video showing us taking the pips captures - you will see that it is fair and conservative:

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