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Are the Dealers Choice alerts the service offered below is different from receiving FXTT InfoAlerts?

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 08:54PM CST
Are the Dealers Choice alerts different from receiving Info Center Alerts?
Yes -it is an automated system – subscribers will get what the software is programed to look for.  It might be either an RF1010 setup with direction and/or a bull or bear flag break out.  It is the trader’s responsibility to see if that matches their analysis and risk parameters.  A Dealers Choice alert has NO human intervention.  The Info center alerts are the opposite – they are 100% generated by a human.

How many alerts will I get?  We average 300-400 a month.

Is the direction of the alert noted?  Yes.

Are subscribers notified of the alert?  Yes, by email.  They look like this:


How does a subscriber access the alerts?  On the website under TOOLS.
They look like this:


How are they acted upon?

You see an alert that interests you on a currency you are actively following.  Is the alert in keeping with your analysis?  Is the alert with the overall trend?  Is the alert within the first 2 hours of the current session (Sidney for Aussie and Kiwi, Asian for Yen, London and New York for all)?  Is there a Wide-Open Space in the direction of the alert?  Is there room for your trade add ins so you will be pressing your winners.

If all of that is good and you have accessed the risk for reward and it is a minimum 1 for 1.  MAYBE, you can take it.

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