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How do I log into the London Session? Mar 09, 2015 01:26PM CDT

First that this Session is primarily in Itialian although our Session Leader Elkana Roveglia is fluent in Engl...

Where are the recordings for the London Live Room? Mar 09, 2015 02:00PM CDT

The London Session recordings are under the "Training" tab and "London Live Training Room."

What are the hours for the London Session? Mar 09, 2015 02:48PM CDT

The room opens at 7:00 AM GMT ( 3:00 AM EST) It is usually open for about 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on market...

Is the London room in English? Jan 03, 2016 01:56PM CST

Primarily it is done in english, but It was set up to be an Itialian live room, but Elkana is bi-lingual so ca...

Who can access the London Session Live room? Mar 09, 2015 02:54PM CDT

Fast Trackers and Live Room Subscribers access the roomm through their 1 click access in the Info Center. Cha...

Why Trade the London Market Mar 12, 2015 11:01AM CDT

Here is a PDF explaining why

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